The Locknut

A Locknut is usually a thin nut, used as a supplementary nut that is screwed down on a primary nut on the same bolt or screw, in order to prevent accidental unscrewing of the first nut.

Another type of locknut is for example a self-locking nut. This one is for realisation of the above described function, without using an additional nut. This locknut contains the locking mechanism in one handled component to be used easy. This type of locknut is normally equipped with a fine thread and used for example on spindles, shafts, machine superstructure and die sets. The range of application possibilities varies from turning centres, milling machines, grinding machines, or even printing presses up to handling
equipment for automation and production lines. As these locknuts are a preferred choose for high demands on quality and accuracy, they are also often used for applications with high requirements on rigidity and high
levels of dynamic safety.

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